Drachenstein treasures, Kingdom Awards

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As many of you good gentles know, we have quite a selection of the various Kingdom awards for sale. Each one of the medallions is hand cast and then individually enameled. We have a wide variety of the awards from many of the Kingdoms, and are acquiring many more each day. If you do not see a specific award that has already been passed, then please contact us via e-mail and if possible attach the image to the message. Below is a list of the current awards available at this time.  All of our awards are chained and ready to wear.  To view the piece click on the fluer button to the right of the selection.

Group Officer Badges,   Peerage Regalia,   Midrealm Awards,    East Kingdom Awards,   Atlantian Awards,   Aethelmarc Awards,      Calontirian Awards,     Ansteorran Awards,    Outland's Awards,    Meridian Awards,      Trimaran Awards

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a3.gif - 1.4 KA3  - Herald's Badge                                    -$25.00



















































































A16 - Fencing Marshalls Badge                 - $25.00a16.gif - 1.4 K











Midrealm Awards

East Kingdom Awards


Kingdom of Calontir

Kingdom of Ansteorra

Kingdom of the Outlands

Kingdom of Atenvelt

Kingdom of Drachenwald

Kingdom of Caid

Kingdom of Meridies

Kingdom of Antir

Kingdom of Trimaris