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Crowns and Coronets require quite a bit of time to design and construct. Depending on the pieces complexity, availability of materials, and current backlog of orders, a patron can expect to wait 3 months to a year for their creation. It is strongly encouraged placing an order as soon as possible. We do realize that it is not always possible to plan things this far in advance. It is for those people this page it dedicated. Presented here are some examples of the work which are finished and are available for IMMEDIATE delivery.

These are pieces we display and offer in our booth for general sale. They are sold on a first come first serve basis. They are constructed in the same manner as our custom pieces but with no one in mind.  Listed below is a brief description of the piece and size. To determine your size measure inch above the eyebrow around the head, this will give you your measurement. We recommend purchasing a coronet up to a half inch larger than your measured head size and then padding it to fit. Never purchase one the exact size or smaller.




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Stylized in the French influence and one of our more elaborate pieces, this Baronial Coronet of Fleur de lis is made of German silver and brass and adorned with garnets. Size - 22 1/2 in.  Price $600.00


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One of our new segmented baronial coronets, this piece is constructed of brass. The a laurel motif reoccurs in each panel. . Size - 22 1/2in         Price $360.00


Please, take the time to view the other coronets that we have made. The coronets listed in the "Coronet Specials" are available for immediate delivery.